Strip Light 12V COB IP67 SLD (16.5 Ft, 32.5 Ft, 65.5 Ft)
Strip Light 12V COB IP67 SLD (16.5 Ft, 32.5 Ft, 65.5 Ft)
Strip Light 12V COB IP67 SLD (16.5 Ft, 32.5 Ft, 65.5 Ft)
Strip Light 12V COB IP67 SLD (16.5 Ft, 32.5 Ft, 65.5 Ft)
  • FCOB Dotless Strip light
  • Temperature: 3000k
  • Power:12V 3.5W Per Ft.
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Size: 5M/16.5 Ft. - 10M/32.5 Ft. - 20M/65.5 Ft. Per Roll
  • Optical Parameter: WW CRI90, SDCM <3
  • PCB: 8m, 2oz white
  • Cutting Distance: 25mm
  • Cable: 9″ Lead cable
  • *180 Beam Angle
  • *320 LEDs/M/Ft.

Introducing the FCOB Dotless Strip light, a radiant solution designed to elevate your lighting experience. With a warm 3000k temperature, efficient 12V power, and an IP20 waterproof rating, this 10M/32.5 Ft. strip light seamlessly blends versatility with sophistication.

Key Features:

Seamless Illumination: The FCOB Dotless Strip light revolutionizes lighting design with its absence of visible dots, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted glow. Immerse your space in a pure radiance that captivates the senses.

Warm Ambient Glow: Emitting a comforting 3000k temperature, this strip light imparts a gentle and inviting ambiance. Whether for accent lighting or mood setting, the FCOB Strip light adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Efficient Low Voltage Operation: Operating on 12V power, this strip light strikes the perfect balance between luminosity and energy efficiency. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing you have an eco-friendly and reliable lighting solution.

Indoor Versatility: The IP20 waterproof rating makes the FCOB Dotless Strip light ideal for indoor applications, allowing you to creatively enhance various spaces. From accentuating architectural details to creating captivating lighting installations, this strip light is your versatile lighting companion.


  • Type: FCOB Dotless Strip light
  • Temperature: 3000k
  • Power: 12V 3.5W Per Ft.
  • Waterproof Rating: IP20
  • Size: 5M/16.5 Ft. - 10M/32.5 Ft. - 20M/65.5 Ft.

Transform your interiors with the enchanting glow of the FCOB Dotless Strip light. Perfect for accentuating key areas or creating a cozy atmosphere, this strip light is the epitome of versatile and sophisticated lighting. Redefine your ambiance, embrace the seamless brilliance. Order your FCOB Dotless Strip light today and infuse your space with grace and radiance.

Strip Light 12V COB IP67 SLD (16.5 Ft, 32.5 Ft, 65.5 Ft)

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