TSD360 DC 360W 12V Low Voltage Transformer IP67 30 Amp - Kings Outdoor Lighting
This heavy-duty 360 Watt DC low voltage transformer is an energy-efficient, safe, reliable outdoor transformer with 12V Output. This lightweight, slim transformer is only 8.5" (L) x 3" (W) x 1.25" (Depth) so it can be hidden and installed out of site in any location. 

This 12V DC low voltage transformer is IP67 so it can be installed in dry, damp, and wet locations. It is compatible with DC halogen and LED bulbs, not AC bulbs and dimmers, so it's perfect for interior and exterior low voltage landscape fixtures. This is the best power supply used for strip lights and any DC products.

It is also SELV (Separated Extra Low Voltage) which ensures an enhanced degree of protection against electric shock. This means contact with it cannot produce a dangerous shock in people with normal body resistance or in livestock.

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    TSD360 DC 360W 12V Low Voltage Transformer IP67 30 Amp

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